Toby Brink (Former President and CEO)

San Ramon Chamber of Commerce

Rick Silva’s personal and professional mantra is, “The more you give of yourself with no expectation of return … the more will come back to you from the most unexpected sources.” This philosophy is the driving force behind the success of Rick’s B2B Gathering leads groups. Most leads groups fail because their members immediately expect to be spoon-fed hot leads that will magically increase their revenues. They fail to grasp that successful leads are developed through the cultivation of relationships. B2B Gathering is successful because Rick knows how to facilitate and nurture these relationships. The chamber benefits in two ways by hosting B2B Gathering meetings. (1) We are able to introduce our members to a high-quality group of professionals that help grow their businesses, and (2) they provide us with exposure to businesses that are not chamber members.

Richard Major

Global Human Resources Executive

Rick has the energy and conviction to bring a room together and get it to immediately jump into this fascinating topic. The workshop I attended was ground-breaking in raising my awareness of how simple and effective goal-setting can be. Rick’s down to earth and personable approach tells you you too can do it. I’ve followed up and brought this tool into my personal and professional life. It is in fact my only New Year’s resolution for this year!


Put It In Writing Newsletter Publishers

I built my newsletter publishing business on the strength of referrals from the networking relationships I’ve made over the last 12 years. I’ve been in several networking groups during that time, and I am particularly impressed with the people in my B2B Gathering group. B2B focuses on building business for its members, unlike some other networking organizations, which are little more than support groups.

Chris Gattuso

I joined Rick Silva’s B2B Gathering group shortly after starting a new job. I have been in sales for 12 years, but in my new field I did not have very many connections. Rick has taught me how to think differently about who I need to connect with, and where I can meet those people. With Rick’s help, I have met more colleagues and made more connections in 9 months than I ever would have without it. I highly recommend B2B Gathering to anyone who needs to enlarge their circle of “who do you know?”
Good luck!

Mike Martin

AmeriPlan USA

Rick Silva, the founder of B2B Gathering, is a champion networker. Networking is meeting people and building relationships from which everyone can benefit. Rick displays an attitude that giving is better than receiving. Rick’s networking groups benefit all those who participate and involve themselves in the process. My business has directly benefited since I have been associated with Rick Silva. I highly recommend participation in his networking groups.

Mary Hanson

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Because I am newer in my line of work, I have done a lot of networking in the past year to develop these trust relationships, i.e. to build a business based on referrals, rather than cold-calling.
At many networking events, my sense has been that there is a collective mentality of “What can I get?” My affiliation with Rick Silva has exposed me to a different and more supportive “team” environment that emphasizes give-and-take, with opportunities to build quality business relationships. Rick is a high-energy leader who seems to truly care about the other professionals in his organization. If you need more information before you consider one of Rick’s Workshops I’d be happy to talk with you.

Anthony & Kerri Sadigh

United California Brokers (Residential & Investment Property Specialists)

“Since joining B2B Gathering, we have built out our business contacts to the point where we have been able to put together a referral directory of other business owners who are committed to using our real estate services and vice-versa. By doing this, we have added tremendous value to our business from being able to refer clients in our database to other trades and services they may ask for. The groups are organized, consistent and on task which has led to productive relationships, both inside and outside the meetings, with other owners who are also working to build their businesses by referral. We have and will continue to refer business owners at all levels of experience who are interested in networking building their businesses with other like-minded owners.”

John Brewer, Director of Membership Development

San Ramon Chamber of Commerce

A B2B leads group meeting is quite an experience. As a hosting chamber staff member, I have attended several B2B Leads Group meetings and find it amazing how Rick Silva can connect leads across several business industries during the actual meeting and result in members realizing more and more good leads across the several business categories.
The benefits of hosting the meetings at the chamber are several; broader contact with the business community, exposure of the Chamber’s benefits, programs and events. The result is interest in Chamber memberships and awareness of the Chamber’s goals in the community.

Robert Childs

Since I joined B2B Gathering 3 weeks ago I have been MORE successful getting leads/referrals than I did joining the San Jose Chamber of Commerce in the past 2 years. I was referred by a friend to B2B Gathering last month and I’m glad I joined. I will recommend this group to anyone/anytime.

Nancy Montier

Thank YOU, Rick. This was the best networking meeting I’ve been to – your attention to detail, emphasis on power partners, huge flowing of leads, and good energy. I left the meeting with high energy, focus, and feeling supported – like I’m not doing my business alone.

Paul Kukuk,Director of Sales & Business Development

B2B is not just your average leads group. Networking with B2B is more than just an exchange of referrals. It’s establishing quality and lasting relationships with professional business people to develop business opportunities. Rick Silva has mastered the art of networking and I am fortunate to be able to learn from him! Like I said…”I love you, man!”

Zachary Elder

Prokinetic Technology, Inc

B2B Gathering has not only led to referrals and great business opportunities, but have provided a sturdy foundation of business contacts, which in turn led to other contacts, creating a valuable ‘domino effect’ of business for our firm. Rick’s professionalism has also assisted me in more clearly defining our marketing strategies and our company message.”

Andrea L. Stephenson

Rick Silva doesn’t just get people together. He is a skilled communicator who understands the value of networking and has turned it into a science. His scientific approach to networking means that you learn not only how to make connections in the business world but you learn how to create lasting relationships that ensures unending referrals. Follow his step-by-step method you will get an immediate ROI.

Diane M. Byrd,Director Business Development

Rick, I would like you to know how highly I regard you and my business and personal experiences with B2B Gathering. You have demonstrated to me that you are nothing short of a consummate professional in the area of networking and primarily in the business of helping others to succeed. I have met and interacted with some of my closest and best business friends and associates through you and the B2B Gathering groups and activities that I have attended. Your organization has been of tremendous help to me both personally and professionally and it is well worth the small fee for admittance. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone as a valued resource as you that know that I have been known to do over the past few months. I hope that this note finds you well.

Gary Fiammengo

Commercial Services Group, Sam Clar Furniture

“In my fourteen years as a contract furniture industry professional, I have been involved with any number of various “networking or leads” groups. I must admit that until I joined the B2B Gathering Group with Rick Silva, my success rate with these other groups has always been less than satisfactory…in many cases, due in part either to lack of commitment by the groups’ members or lack of effective organization or leadership. This is not the case with Rick or his B2B Gathering! Monthly meetings are well managed by Rick himself–staying on track and task, with special attention to everyone’s busy schedules. With strong, regular attendance by high quality professionals who demonstrate a true “business-to-business” mentality, and a genuine regard for their associate members’ time, interests and business objectives, my involvement with the group is highly beneficial and an experience I would highly recommend to any business development or marketing professional.”

Erica Zeidenberg

Rick Silva’s B2B meetings have resulted in several new clients for my public relations business. I am thrilled. I admit that I had not expected such a fast return on my time and money. I recommend Rick’s B2B to anyone looking to grow their business and gain more exposure.

Todd Westerlund,Marketing Manager

Diamond Certified

Rick IS a master networker. We can’t thank him enough for all his great leads and expert advice. I have met so many great people from Rick’s handpicked networking groups. Rick your groups are so successful that we promise to refer as many people as we can. I look forward to an exciting year with B2B Gathering!

Matthew Anand,Director, Business Development

Rick Silva’s group is unique among networking groups. He facilitates true referral networking, encouraging networking partners to personally call and introduce the prospective leads. One truly warm introduction is worth 10 leads of having the name and telephone number, even if they are personal contacts. People I have met in Rick Silva’s group are not only respected business people but also people I consider my friends.
HT Oil has raised over $50,000 directly from introductions from Rick Silva.

Sally Omran-May

My business partner, Rick and I joined B2B only 2 months ago in June. We have received more leads from this group within the past 2 months than we have from ALL the other leads groups we’ve ever belonged to in the Contra Costa County area over the past 2 years! I highly recommend joining this group—business owners can leverage their time and contacts tremendously!

Forrest Sass

You are certainly in your element, and it’s a pleasure to watch and work with you. You wield a hammer with a velvet glove, and I appreciate that. You make your expectations clear and understandable, and you have a wonderful rapport with all of your members. I really have enjoyed my association with you and the other B2B members.  

Andrea S. Charlton, D.C.

I have attended several different types of leads groups and I have found B2B Gathering to be the best. Not only do I love the format and the goals of B2B (which differs from many other leads groups), but they also have been very helpful in my business. I have been able to help more people, and the feedback from these individuals has encouraged other people to try NUCCA care, and improve their lives as well.
Rick Silva is passionate about what he does, and when he says he lives, eats and breathes networking, it shows in how he facilitates the groups, and in what he suggests. He is truly gifted – and educated – for this role.

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